About Us

Trinity Methodist Church

 The Church building was completed in 1969, the upper roof and aluminium spire make the church stand out in simple dignity. Inside all the main surfaces were in a natural wood and stone which provided a fine background for the richness and colour of the furnishings and windows.

The church incorporated as many of the ancient Christian symbols as was possible, dominating them all is theXP interwoven into a monogram. This XP (Chi Rho) was used by early Christians as a shorthand for the word Christus which is the Greek for Christ.

Much symbolism has been used in the East Windows, the central symbol in both is a tree. In one window it is the Tree of Life with the birds representing the Creation. Built into the Tree is the text ‘Let Everything that Hath Breath Praise the Lord.’ The second window has Redemption as its theme and the tree is the Tree of the Kingdom of God. In this window the birds are the ‘Birds of the Air’ The text in this window reads ‘And the Nations shall come to the light.’

A slightly odd memory but many years ago the windows were taken away for cleaning and it looked very odd sitting there with the windows boarded up, however when the windows were brought back we celebrated. Right up to the point that we noticed that the bottom panel of each window had been transposed….

These symbols can be found at the rear of the upper hall.

Our History

At Trinity we love a project and a few years ago we decided that our Worship Area needed a complete redevelopment to modernise the look and make the area much more accessible.

The first stage meant our old pews were removed and replaced with new chairs, carpet was laid over the old wooden flooring and the old dark curtains replaced with lighter ones. We added an extra screen and projector to the front of the church so that we could display the words of the hymns and play videos during the services. We also removed the blinds covering the windows in the cupola.

To do all this we first removed the communion rail and dais leaving us a flat floor to the rear platform, then on one Friday night a small team of church members arrived at the church armed with all types of tools and implements to remove the rear platform. A lot of rubble was discovered beneath the platform which was removed that evening leaving us with a completely flat floor in the worship area. On the 9th August 2010 the Trinity demolition team met again, this time pews were dismantled and temporarily replaced with chairs that were currently being used within our lower hall and side rooms. All the wood and metal that made up the pews were collected by a salvager to be recycled.

After the evening service of the 15th August, the church was emptied to make way for work to be done during the following week which was an exciting time for Trinity, on the Tuesday we had the carpet delivered and fitted, instantly the worship area looked so different and clean looking. Unfortunately the chairs which were expected during this week were delayed by a week so we had to wait a little to get to see our new look. The new curtains to replace the old original ones were delivered and installed as planned on the Friday.

The following Wednesday the chairs were delivered, obviously on the wettest day of the week. In the pouring rain a few valiant people helped to unload sixty four large boxes containing chairs and communion rails which were stacked in the hall ready for unboxing that evening.  The amount of boxes did cause some consternation within the group that arrived to help unbox but they set to with enthusiasm and soon had the boxes unpacked and collapsed and ready to lay the chairs out in the worship area. It may come as no surprise that many discussions took place about where to put the chairs but with the help of electronic measuring instruments we finally got to work and laid the chairs out. The final result left all the people there with large smiles on their faces at the look of the worship area.

The following Sunday there were many admiring comments about the look of the Worship Area and we have tried various different layouts since its inception including having services in the round and have found the area to be so much more flexible than it used to be.

Trinity has had a sports hall in its current position for many years now, however the current one isn’t the original hall that was up there, some of the older members of the congregation (and not that old ones too!) will remember the old hall that used to be there, those of us who spent any time up there will shiver with the memories of how cold it actually was in there and the floor was solid enough to break bones if you fell badly so the decision was made, with great faith, to knock the old hall down and to build a new one in its place.

The team behind this spent many, many hours working on the design for the hall, chasing the builders time and time again as well as the important part of fund raising to raise the £250,000 that was required to pay for the project. It was a proud day however when the work was finally completed and we had the new hall in our possession, who knows how many people have been through the doors of this amazing facility, it has been used by so many different groups over the years, in that hall there have been concerts, services, labyrinths, pantomimes, keep fit groups and youth clubs to name just a few and long may the use of this hall by the local community continue.