Trinity Methodist Church

September Message

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever’. Hebrews 13:8

Gadding all over the country has been great fun. Seeing so many different Churches seeking new ways of being relevant today has been exciting and eye-opening: From bouncy-castle coffee mornings to Rev Coffee; From Messy Church to Goth Church there is such an array of gifted and talented people God is raising up.

I also went on Retreat, having silence and something called Enneagram [more on this in November] and ‘discovering’ more of oneself has also been a real revelation.

Even more wonderful was coming back to Trinity and discovering that the Church has been busy organising for 50 years of Trinity’s mission and worship, as well as the joy of Messy Harvest arranged for September 23rd…’s great to be back!

Yet… the writer of Hebrews reminds us; God is God; Jesus is Jesus the Son of God; The Holy Spirit is the Spirit and continues to inspire. We try ‘new’ things, we ‘seek’ to be relevant and we ‘celebrate’ our past all of which are rooted in the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord. We are invited to join in his compassionate mission to the world of peace, justice and love for all, a world in need of people willing to take those tentative steps of faith bringing transformation to lives, families, societies and whole countries. A world that Almighty God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth loves so much he sent Jesus here to be our Saviour and our friend.

And so, as we begin new ventures, we do so in the name of Jesus, who was the same yesterday, today and will be forever. He is the author of our faith and the joy of our lives, waiting, patiently, for yet more people know him and God’s love for them and the whole world.