Trinity Methodist Church

Sunday Services at
   10.30 & 18:00

Are you planning on visiting Trinity soon?

Perhaps you’re worried that you might not fit in or that you might sit in somebody else’s seat.

Don’t worry, we’re a very friendly and varied bunch and we hope that everybody feels welcome when they visit us.

Of course we are aware that visiting a church for the first time can be a nervous experience, we’ve all sat in somebody else’s seat over the years! (In fact the web editor does it deliberately sometimes!) Even regular churchgoers can find it difficult going to a different church.

If you choose to visit Trinity on a Sunday morning for our 10.30 service, here’s what you can expect. When you step up to the doorway there will be somebody there with a friendly face to greet you with a warm ‘good morning.’ They’ll hand you our weekly printed notices and any books you might need for the service. These people will answer any questions you may have and they’ll show you into the church if needed and perhaps give advice on where to sit.

The church entrance.

Most Sunday mornings there will be around 50 people present, there will be hymns, prayers, bible readings and a sermon. All the hymns and songs will be displayed on the two screens at the sides of the church but books are available if you prefer to use them. The service will last about an hour and don’t worry about what to do, just follow the people around you to know when to stand or sit. We don’t kneel for prayers. Normally after the second hymn the children leave to go to TYC (Trinity Young Christians) and those under three can use the creche where the speaker system will relay the service to you.

We have regular all age worships where the children who normally leave after the second hymn will stay in for the whole service, the music is supplied by our own Trinity Sound. These services used to be the first Sunday of the month but are now slotted in to fit in with particular services, see the notices for details of when the next one is.

Our Worship Area

The third Sunday of the month is normally our Communion Service but is also subject to change, that's the service at which the bread and wine is shared. At Trinity everyone is welcome to join us in communion.

You may have noticed when you came in the tables and chairs in the side hall, after the service tea and coffee is served, everyone's welcome and we hope you'll stay for a chat. We want visitors to feel welcome but we know it's easy to get it wrong when too many people want to know who you are and why you're here but we feel that is more important than ignoring you completely. Please don't be embarrassed, if we get it wrong, please tell us.

If you have any questions about the Church ask any one of our Church Stewards, anyone will be able to point them out to you. They will always be pleased to answer any questions you have.

If you have any questions that you would like answered before you visit Trinity email the web editor who will do his best to assist you.

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