Trinity Methodist Church

Sunday Morning Services

Sunday Evening Services

Future Plans

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10.30 and can be led by our own Minister Rev. Gordon Gresswell, by another Minister or by one of the local preachers from within the circuit. All Age Worships are held monthly as are communion services, the dates are decided in advance to fit in with particular events. Our weekly notices will give more information.

Services frequently use video and power point.

Regular communion services

Monthly All Age Worships.

Our evening services start at 6.00 pm and are usually a quieter type of service, sometimes we may have an evening of bible study or spend an evening studying one particular subject. We also have a monthly evening communion service.

Normally a  quieter type of service.

Monthly communion services..

Regular bible study.

Our new Minister Rev Gordon Gresswell is encouraging us to look at the way we worship, our All Age Worships will change monthly to fit in with particular themes, preachers will be allocated to fit in with certain Sundays and we will be looking at our evening services to try different ways of worshipping. Our notices will give more details in the future.

Regular monthly themed services.

Taste and See evening services

Exciting future plans.

Sunday Services at
   10.30 & 18:00